Mens Designer Clothing and Accessories

In the last decade the man who wants to look his best and actually cares about the clothes and the accessories that he wears has had some great choice as there are enough products for men on the market now to satisfy the demand that has been growing from men for mens designer clothing and accessories.

For most of the history of the world of fashion, men have always seemed to be an afterthought when it comes to the latest trends and styles and men have not ever had even a fraction of the amount of choice when it comes to mens designer clothes or accessories as compared to the fairer sex. This has been for two reasons. The first is that for the longest time and right up till about the previous decade or so there has never been enough demand for designer clothing and accessories from men and thus there has not been any supply. It does not make sense for designers and fashion labels to put out collection after collection for men’s designer clothing for season after season when there is no real demand to justify the time and the energy spent in the design and manufacturing of the clothing and accessories.

This has changed in the past decade as men now are taking a lot more care of every facet of their appearance than they have ever before in modern history. Today men care about their appearance and are spending increasing amounts of money on hair care and personal grooming and the beauty and cosmetics industry for men has seen a huge explosion in the last decade or so both in turnover as well as the number of products on sale to men. Clothing and accessories that are at least as stylish as those that are available to women have also been in much more demand than ever before and now that there is a market for men’s designer clothing, the designers as well as the fashion labels have all rushed to satisfy this demand and now the modern man who wants to dress in designer clothing and look his best is spoilt for choice.

Under Armour Cold Gear Keeps You Warm and Dry

Under Armour Cold Gear was originally developed when an American football player got tired of having to peel off sweat soaked tee shirts after practice. He came up with a variety of undergarments that were designed to wick away sweat and keep athletes cool and comfortable. It’s perhaps a little surprising then that Under Armour has gotten into the business of keeping people warm.

What’s not surprising, given Under Armour’s well deserved reputation for quality, is how well the aptly named Under Armour Cold Gear line does what it’s supposed to do, which is to keep athletes warm when conditions get cold. It’s a departure from what the company has classically done, but they’ve been able to make the transition successfully, becoming an integral part of many athletes’ winter training.

Athletes who train outdoors in the winter have a unique challenge. On one hand, keeping warm is absolutely essential. Losing heat to the cold means reduced performance, discomfort and a much higher risk of injury. The problem, one which the Under Armour Cold Gear attempts to solve, is how to keep warm without causing sweat to become a problem.

Anyone who has spent time outside jogging or skiing is probably going to be familiar with the issue. If you’ve got enough clothes on to keep warm, then you’ve got enough clothes on that, most likely, you’re not going to be able to get the moisture away from your body.

This is one of the reasons that layering, the concept around which Under Armour Cold Gear is built, is so important. The various layers allow you to keep your body insulated, while still allowing the body to get rid of excess heat through moisture. This allows your body to maintain the right core temperature, leading you to be more comfortable and fostering better performance at your chosen sport.

With that in mind, the Under Armour Cold Gear line has products intended to be part of three different layers.

Base Layer – The base layer is the layer of clothing that is close your skin and is intended to wick moisture away, keeping your dry. In the Under Armour Cold Gear line, this is where you’ll find turtlenecks, leggings and other fairly tight fitting clothes. Cold Gear Compression and, not surprisingly, Base lines fall under this category.

Mid Layer – Unlike the base layer, this is designed for actual insulation, and may actually be multiple layers. Under Armour has the Cold Gear Loose line, which is intended to be used for this purpose and, as the name implies, is looser fitting.

Shell Layer – The top layer of clothing, which is there to protect you from the elements. This is represented in the Under Armour Outwear line, and it consists of coats, jackets and pullovers.

Categorize Your Clothing and Accessories

When a new fashion season begins do you find it hard to decide what items of clothing and accessories to buy? Sorting through the clothes in your wardrobe will make it easier to see what new items of clothing you actually need to create a fashionable look.

If you are one of those people who have a closet full of clothes but never have anything to wear, then you definitely need to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. This is well worth doing and will save you time, money and stress.

Organize your clothes, shoes and accessories into categories, this will allow you to see what you actually have. The best way to do this is as follows,

Go through your wardrobe, anything you wear on a regular basis pull out and put in a pile.
Of the items left in your wardrobe sort through them and anything you no longer like, maybe because it doesn’t flatter your figure, or it’s just not you anymore, bin them.
Any items that are left over that you don’t regularly wear but you can’t bring yourself to throw away, put into a bin liner and store them away.

All clothing, shoes and accessories that you wear on a regular basis can then be split into categories of casual wear, work wear and evening/smart wear. Hang these items in your wardrobe in sections, or if you have more than one wardrobe, categorize each wardrobe accordingly.

When you look at your work wear, casual wear or evening wear, you will be able to see exactly what you have. This method makes it so much easier to see what new fashion items you need to complete an overall look.

With regards to the clothes you have stored away in a bin liner, give it six months and if you haven’t needed any of these items, chances are you never will in the future. If the items are in good condition take them to your favorite charity shop, if not bin them.

A great way to save wardrobe space is by splitting your clothing up into summer and winter items. When summer arrives store you winter clothes in a damp proof box in the attic and vice versa when winter arrives.