Dog Clothes and Accessories – What’s Trendy & Fashionable This Winter?

Now that winter is here, it’s time to stock up on warm and fashionable attire for that canine member of the family. There are some great new fashion trends perfect for cold weather. Here are some ideas of what’s trendy right now in dog clothes and accessories:

Denim works well for transitioning from fall into winter. It’s versatile with different types of fabrics and great for almost any occasion. Some of the more popular denim articles include embroidered jackets, dresses and skirts with frilly lace, and dungarees with t-shirts.
Fleece lined jackets trimmed with fur
Must have colors in your dog’s wardrobe include earthy brown and orange tones, purples, blush pink and olive green. Teal is popular right now as well.
Look for jackets trimmed with faux fur, faux suede and feathers
For year-end parties many canine fashion designers predict that soft romantic looks in velvet and satin accented with lace and faux fur will be all the rage.
For outdoor wear, consider a trench coat made of corduroy, tweed or mohair
Hoodies are also very popular this winter and available in multiple styles and colors
Don’t forget the bling! When it comes to jewelry collar tags and charms will be a hot item, as will silver bones on leather collars with matching leashes. For Christmas, consider charms in red & green.

Not surprisingly, many designers who have made their mark in Hollywood over the years have taken advantage of their status and dominate the dog fashion market as well. Some very popular brand names include Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture, Louis Dog, and Chrome Bones.

Cach Cach – Fashionable Clothes and Accessories

French for Hide n Seek, Cach Cach offers a fun element to kids clothing. Earlier shopping for kids wear was a mundane task as there was not much variety in their clothing. But now, shopping for their outfits is as daunting a task as selecting clothing for adults. This kids brand offers some great buys with clothes ranging from pants set, rompers, footed overalls, leggings, jumpers to shorts sets. The range of clothing is designed keeping in mind that children tend to grow fast. These clothes not only make a style statement but also bring out the innocence of the kids. Dress your little ones in these clothes and see how adorable they look.
Cach Cach clothing offers designer and party wear along with normal day to day wear clothes, which make children look delightful. While purchasing kids’ clothing, one should opt for easy wear items. Clothes which are tight fitting and are difficult to put on make the child uncomfortable. This brand offers clothes with wide necks made of stretchable material. The fabric which the outfit is made of should also be kept in mind while choosing the clothes. Fabrics should be soft to touch and should not look worn out even after regular washes. Soft cottons are the best for all seasons, but during the colder season, woolen or fleece clothes are a better bet.

Cach Cach Girls clothing is available in cool prints and are available in a huge variety ranging from party dresses to cartoon-character costumes and even superhero outfits. These clothes are created to adequately satisfy the needs and desires of kids as they like selecting their own outfits. Girl’s outfits can be teamed up with matching accessories also available under this brand. Infact, in order to make your girl look just like the angel she is, one should remember to purchase accessories like matching headbands and hats. The clothes and accessories are categorized not only by the occasion on which they should be worn but also by the season during which they are worn. There are separate collections for spring and fall seasons.