Under Armour or Thermals – Most People Just Want to Be Warm and Comfortable

The Tudors wore under armour clothing to protect their skin from the harshness of their armour. Fortunately we have progressed a little from then in both our pastimes and our attire.

Most underwear these days is worn for one of two reasons. The first is to be attractive, but the second and the one which we are going to focus on are comfort. Comfort is always important, but when you are active the right clothing is really important.

Whether you are training for triathlons or taking your kids to the park it is always essential to wear the correct clothing. As technologies and fabrics have advanced, there are now very lightweight, comfortable items of clothing which can be worn either under training clothes or simply under your day clothes to ensure that you will never be cold.

So where do you start when looking for under clothes? There are two basic items that everyone should consider. The first is a top for under your clothes; traditionally called a vest. The problem with the word ‘vest’ is that it now has two associates. The first is a sleeveless T-shirt and the second is rather unattractive cotton vest. I do not recommend either of these. What I am talking about is something more like the Under Armour range. These are clothes designed with sports men in mind. They are made from a synthetic fabric which is soft and also absorbs sweat, so the wearer will never feel that damp uncomfortable feeling traditionally experienced through training and sports. This level of fabric technology is not as expensive as you may think.

The other items to consider are leggings. Now these certainly do not have to be the totally unattractive cotton long johns of passed years. These are pretty thin, the clever guys at Under Armour have graded theirs. I have their 2.0 grading and this is perfect under jeans for just about any occasion. Depending on how cold the ambient temperature is or how hard you intend training will affect your choice of leggings.

The important thing to know, is that being warm and comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to look three clothes sizes bigger than you are and be wearing so many layers that you can’t move. So unlike the Tudors in their under armour clothing, we can still be mobile and won’t need servants to help us on with our outer layers.