Men’s Under Armour Cold Gear

As any man who has exercised outside during the winter, or just needed to shovel snow or chop wood can tell you, keeping yourself at the right temperature is tricky, which is what Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear is designed to help you with.

Staying cool is easy; just wear a tee shirt and hope that frost bite doesn’t kick in. Staying hot is easy too, just swath yourself in bundles of heavy clothes and hope you don’t pass out from it. Staying at a temperature where you’re comfortable, where you can get the most out of your workout, takes some work.

Fortunately, Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear makes it a whole easier. The Under Armour brand is generally associated with sports where the people are wearing nothing but Under Armour, but they’ve been able to apply the same technology they use to keep you cool while you workout to keep you warm in the winter.

The trick to all this is proper layering, which doesn’t keep you warm or cold but instead keeps you at the proper temperature which, as mentioned above, is much harder to do. But if you have the proper layers, in the proper order, you can allow your body to do what it needs to regulate your body temperature, regardless of the weather.

Proper layering with Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear basically consists of three layers. The first layer, called the base layer, is a layer of tight fitting clothing composed of a fabric that moves moisture away from your body.

The second layer is the mid layer, which consists of looser fitting clothing that allows you to trap air between the layers to provide insulation. Actually, the mid layer may actually be mid layers, since it’s possible that you will need more than one layer if dealing with extreme cold.

The last layer is the shell layer, which may not be needed all the time. Basically, this layer consists of materials, usually water proof or water resistant, and designed to keep the elements away from you. Obviously, if you’re outside but not playing in the rain or snow, you won’t need the shell layer clothing from the Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear line.

A good mix of Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear products would look something like this:

Base Layer Bottom

Here, you’re going to want something tight fitting like the Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear Leggings. You want it to be snug so that it wicks away the sweat.

Outer Layer Bottom

This is going to be looser, so any of the Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear pants over top of the leggings will be the job just fine.

Base Layer Top

Like the above, you’re looking for something that keeps you from getting drenched in sweat, like the Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear hoodie.

Mens Designer Clothing and Accessories

In the last decade the man who wants to look his best and actually cares about the clothes and the accessories that he wears has had some great choice as there are enough products for men on the market now to satisfy the demand that has been growing from men for mens designer clothing and accessories.

For most of the history of the world of fashion, men have always seemed to be an afterthought when it comes to the latest trends and styles and men have not ever had even a fraction of the amount of choice when it comes to mens designer clothes or accessories as compared to the fairer sex. This has been for two reasons. The first is that for the longest time and right up till about the previous decade or so there has never been enough demand for designer clothing and accessories from men and thus there has not been any supply. It does not make sense for designers and fashion labels to put out collection after collection for men’s designer clothing for season after season when there is no real demand to justify the time and the energy spent in the design and manufacturing of the clothing and accessories.

This has changed in the past decade as men now are taking a lot more care of every facet of their appearance than they have ever before in modern history. Today men care about their appearance and are spending increasing amounts of money on hair care and personal grooming and the beauty and cosmetics industry for men has seen a huge explosion in the last decade or so both in turnover as well as the number of products on sale to men. Clothing and accessories that are at least as stylish as those that are available to women have also been in much more demand than ever before and now that there is a market for men’s designer clothing, the designers as well as the fashion labels have all rushed to satisfy this demand and now the modern man who wants to dress in designer clothing and look his best is spoilt for choice.