7 Hacks For Running During Summer Time

Apart from the summer, many runners still want to continue their healthy routine. Although heat can seriously affect running performance, there are several ways you can neutralize the effect. Here are seven hacks for summer walking.

#. Run at the coolest time. One of the hacks you can do to avoid the heat of the summer is the coolest point of the day. Fortunately, free software and some applications can show temperature and humility for the day or even during the week so you can schedule your trip according to that. Usually, sunrise and sunset are the coolest times. Midday is the hottest. But because the weather changes can be sudden, you should check the application.

#. Look for shady alternative routes. Every runner has that favorite route. But when it comes to extreme weather conditions, you might need an alternative route to make you safer from the elements. During the summer, choose a route that is less open. Satisfy more nuances, such as areas with more buildings and trees. Currently, there are applications that can calculate the distance of a route using GPS. They also show visuals. Use the application to get distance. That way, you still get the same distance that you run on the usual route.

#. Wear sweaty clothes. Even with regular standards, sweatpants and loose clothing are prohibited. You don’t want them wandering around, then heavy and soaking wet in a few minutes. Fortunately, sweaty clothing is now available in stores. Brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armor have running clothes that sweat from your body and allow them to evaporate information about your clothes. In this way, you become cooler, feel more comfortable and reduce the risk of being exposed to bacteria. Most of these clothes are lightweight and trendy, adding attraction to the benefits of the technology they have provided.

#. Wear shoes that are lightweight and can breathe. If your clothes are right, your shoes should too. Wear lightweight running shoes made of breathable material. This type of shoes allows your feet to ‘breathe’. Good circulation prevents feet and bacteria from hot and sweaty. Heavy and stiff shoes usually make you tired. Light and flexible allows you to accelerate and move more efficiently.

#. Additional water consumption. Before you even run, you lose more fluid during the summer than any other season. You lose about six to 12 fluid ounces for every 20 minutes you run. Pre-hydrate before you run. Drink an extra glass of water. Look for possible ‘hydration’ stations too. Drinking a fountain on the trail, or even a supermarket you can buy water or sports drinks.

#. Wear sunscreen. Sunshine is good for you. But they can also be unforgiving, especially during the summer. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Even a thin layer with a high SPF will help protect your skin from cancer and certain diseases.

#. Run with taste. Surely you have a target speed, time and distance that you want to achieve. But before you try to achieve that, feel your run. Heat and humidity will affect your performance even if you try hard. So do not force it. Acclimatization by running at a slower pace. Adjust quickly. If you feel you will be given a double effort just to achieve your goal, tone a little. Don’t force anything. Work on your target slowly but surely.