Women’s Under Armour Cold Gear

There are advantages to being a female athlete: more endurance, a greater tolerance for pain and the ability to look good doing it. That’s not to say that there aren’t disadvantages, which is why women’s Under Armour Cold Gear is necessary if you want to train during the winter months.

Women, in general, are more vulnerable to the cold than men are. This one of the drawbacks to having less muscle mass and a smaller body size than men, both of which lead to women having less ability to regulate their body temperature when the weather gets cold. On the upside, they tend to tolerate heat better.

But for the winter months, proper workout gear is essential, which is where women’s Under Armour Cold Gear comes in handy. Just dressing up in a bunch of heavy clothing, the usual method, isn’t going to work if you want to get the most of your winter workouts.

The problem is the matter of heat regulation; as you exercise, your body produces excess heat. The usual way to get rid of this is by sweating, but when you are bundled up in winter clothing your body can’t dissipate heat properly.

Women’s Under Armour Cold Gear is designed to allow your body to be able to maintain the right temperature, which means that you’re both more comfortable and able to perform better.

Basically you want to dress in layers, which allows you to keep more air around your body, producing better insulation. Generally speaking, you need at least two layers of women’s Under Armour Cold Gear for optimum results, and sometimes three or more.

The first layer is base layer, and here you want something that is tight fitting, like the leggings or compression shorts that Under Armour offers, but able to wick away moisture.

Your next layer is something heavier and somewhat looser, and your final layer, which is optional depending on what you’re going to be doing, is your shell layer, which protects you from the elements.

A good layout of women’s Under Armour Cold Gear would look something like this:

Base Layer Bottom

For this layer, you want something that fits snugly, so that it can keep the moisture off you. This will help to keep you both warm and comfortable. You’re going to be looking at women’s tights as your base layer.

Outer Layer Bottom

This layer is designed to provide insulation, so what you want is something that is loose enough to be able to keep a layer of air in between layer. It should still have the wicking capability, but fortunately all women’s Under Armour Cold Gear does. You’re going to want something like the Frigid pants for this.

Vonage Shorts Out, Under Armour Has Lofty Ambitions

Under Armour, Inc. (UAI) debuted on November 18, 2005 at $31. The maker of branded performance clothing is growing its brand recognition via the use of hip brand promotion that is trying to wrestle away interest from the traditional buyers of Nike (NKE).

Under Armour has targeted the youth and athletic market where it competing with the established and strong Nike brand. Under Armour has a projected five-year annual earnings growth of 22.50% versus 14% for Nike. But on the valuation side, Under Armour is discounting in significant premium growth over that of Nike. Under Armour is trading at 46.19x its FY07 and a PEG of 2.75 versus 14.27x and a PEG of 1.06 for Nike. Clearly, Under Armour will need to perform to its lofty expectations going forward; otherwise, the stock will sell off. Nike is a superior value play.

Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE/VG) debuted on Wednesday at $17, the mid-point of its estimated IPO pricing range of $16-$18. The provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an early entrant into the rapidly growing area of VoIP and presently has about 1.6 million subscribers but the company has yet to turn a profit. VoIP uses a broadband connection to make phone calls.

High advertising costs to acquire customers have hindered margins. Vonage is the current leader due to its early entry into the VoIP business but I see the company facing a difficult uphill climb as intense competition surfaces from major cable companies and the Skype service from eBay (EBAY).

The reality is Vonage has to spend extraordinary money on acquiring customers whereas for cable companies and eBay, there is already a significant customer base to market to. Vonage will soon realize this.

Hedge fund manager and the host of the hugely popular ‘Mad Money’ show on CNBC said Vonage is a “piece of junk,” which I have to concur with. And with Vonage currently trading down at $13, the market may also view Vonage as over hype and not enough substance.

Under Armour – A Brand Famous For Producing the Best in Athlete Apparel

Producers have introduced different and unique kind of fabric and material. These have been produced for the purpose of lifting sweat off from the skin and on to the apparel but what makes it stand out is its quality of not absorbing and providing the user a wet sweaty feeling. In other words, it evaporates sweat leaving the user dry and contented. Though there are various brands offering fabric shirts, socks and shorts but the most preferred brand is “Under Armour”. Products offered by this brand are highly priced but are still in high demand due to its superior quality and new and unique styles that most athletes desire. Brands including Target & Walmart also produce less costly fabric. They claim that their fabric is such that prevents an individual from sweat. This is however not at all true because the fabric is thin and does not work well in comparison to the known brand “Under Armour”. The price of “Under Armour” products is worth its quality. According to various athletes it is the most reliable brand that can be trusted.

“Under Armour” offers unique and exclusive clothes for almost all the sports activities. It has positioned itself as an expensive brand. It has always remained on the top of its competitors because of the superior quality it provides to its customers. It has made available several options for its customers to choose from. HeatGear which is an amazing creation of “Under Armours” is specifically designed to prevent the athlete from sun rays that result in sweat. Furthermore, another great invention of this company is CoolGear, which is best for those individuals who are fond of playing ice hockey or often practicing in the ground in winter season. “Under Armour” consist of wide range of products including helmet, sunglasses, bags, shoes, gloves and underwear.

Athlete apparel is different for every sport. Apparel of a tennis player differs completely from that of a soccer player. Therefore, each apparel need to be designed very carefully keeping in mind an individual’s choice and preference. Women sometimes emphasize more on looking good while exercising. They prefer wearing light clothes rather than thick. Wearing light clothes makes them feel comfortable and at ease. “Under Armour” are well-aware of ladies preferences and design the clothes accordingly.

Apart from “Under Armour” other brands like Nike and Adidas are also known for their women athlete apparel line. Above mentioned are only the few products that are offered by Under Armour. It offers a lot more than this having a wide product line. This brand is known for its products worldwide. You will not find a better brand than Under Armour.

Information or data regarding the brand “Under Armour” is easily available online. All the products offered by this brand have proven to be reliable and of superior quality. There is no such product that this brand doesn’t offer, all you have to do is choose the right one. They design products keeping in mind each individual’s personal preferences, stylistic tastes, and athletic needs.