The Safety Afforded by an Armoured Bus

Today, military and civilian professionals working in industries ranging from security to transportation employ armoured buses in a wide variety of applications to achieve their directives quickly and safely. An armoured bus provides your operation not only with peace of mind, but also with an industry standard level of security that will set you apart from competitors. These vehicles are scientifically designed to resist disruption, thwart attackers, and come through any adversity with both their cargo and personnel intact. Furthermore, the visual aspect of such an imposing vehicle is a potent deterrent in and of itself. The mere sight of an armoured bus tells everyone nearby that it is being manned by serious professionals capable of defending themselves.

Security in an uncertain world

Armoured buses are calibrated to resist and survive conventional attacks such as small arms, rifle fire and improvised explosive devices. In being able to defeat the most commonly available street-level armaments, these vehicles represent an indispensable means of deterrence. These vehicles are so important to uninterrupted business because they are capable of delivering reliable protection against the methods of attack most likely to be brought against your operations. Having been originally developed for use in war, this family of transports has evolved over the decades to symbolise mobile security of an unparalleled degree.

This is precisely why organisations ranging from local police forces all the way up to sovereign powers’ territorial defence forces employ these vehicles on a daily basis. They have come to be trusted worldwide for their reliability, performance and safety. Professionals who have had to rely on the integrity of their vehicles while under attack know firsthand that these security vehicles are absolutely priceless when tested by circumstance.

Various applications to suit your business

Armoured buses are ideal methods of transport for professionals engaged in funds or sensitive materials transfer, personal security services, and even prisoner transport. Each application will have its own unique set of particular needs, which can be addressed via special modifications, upgrades and specialised duty kits.

Customisability for your needs

Making the investment in an armoured bus is the right decision for your operation; especially since you can have your security vehicle customised or retrofitted to better fit your particular application. Consider such additions as reinforced bulletproof glass, internal safes or other secure storage systems, and communications equipment to keep your assets connected and protected.
Don’t gamble with your security or profitability

In today’s uncertain world full of strife and crime, illegal black market arms trading continues at a frenzied pace, putting unregistered and often untraceable deadly weapons in the hands of the deranged and desperate. The risk to specialised assets cannot be overemphasised, especially as transport makes them exceedingly vulnerable to interception and disruption. Outfitting your operation with one of these vehicles will send a powerful message to all would-be-disruptors and establishes a rock solid baseline of security in motion. They are very likely the best possible company insurance policy you can obtain.