Under Armour Cold Gear Review

Under Armour has gone from being an obscure product for hardcore athletes to a power house brand in seemingly no time flat. The original Under Armour product was a compression shirt that was designed to wick away sweat and moisture from the body to let an athlete be cooler and more comfortable, but the line has rapidly expanded to include everything from jock straps to shoes.

This also includes expansion into the winter gear niche with the Under Armour Cold Gear line, which is supposed to keep you at the right temperature, neither too warm nor too cold, while keeping you dry. But whether it actually does that is what this Under Armour Cold Gear review is all about.

Of course, if we’re going to do an Under Armour Cold Gear review, we should probably talk about what exactly the line is. Basically, it’s a full line of clothing that encompasses everything from leggings and under shirts to heavy jackets, all of which are specifically designed for cold weather use. Under Armour also has the Heat Gear and All Seasons lines which are pretty much exactly what they sound like.

In this Under Armour Cold Gear review, we’re going to rate the line, as a whole on three different criteria: fit, comfort and effectiveness. These are the qualities that we feel will give us the best picture of how close the line comes to hitting the mark.


This is actually a little more important than you might imagine which is why we’re listing it in this Under Armour Cold Gear review. The reason for this is that the way the clothes fit is actually essential to them working the way that they’re supposed to.

The base layer needs to be close enough to the skin so that it can wick away moisture, while the mid layer needs to loose enough to keep air in so that you’re properly insulated. If either of these doesn’t fit right, then you’re going to lose effectiveness.

Fortunately, the Under Armour Cold Gear line fits really well. The only caveat is that while the clothing is generally meant to fit fairly snugly, it does run small, and so you should consider that when you’re buying.


This is a fairly subjective thing, but it should be a part of any comprehensive Under Armour Cold Gear review. Basically, the whole point of Cold Gear is to keep you comfortable while you’re exercising. Despite the intentionally snug fit, we found that the whole line was almost stupidly comfortable. You could probably wear this stuff as pajamas and save on your heating bills in the winter.