Under Armour Heat Gear for Comfort and Performance

Under Armour Heat Gear is really where the whole line began. The Under Armour company was founded when an American football player got tired of feeling like he was being strangled by his sweat soaked tee shirts after practice, and decided to do something about it.

If you’re an athlete or a fitness enthusiast of any sort, you probably know the feeling. Tee shirts are fine for when you’re out on a nice day or when you’re doing things that require, at best, only mild exertion. But the second that you start doing something where you actually break a sweat, the pitfalls of cotton, the sort of things that Under Armour Heat Gear was designed to combat, start becoming a problem.

The underlying issue is that cotton, which is almost always what tee shirts are made of, absorbs water. You sweat, and the fibers swell up with water. This means that your body can’t get rid of the excess heat as well which, ironically, only makes you sweat more. The net effect is that you end up with a drenched shirt that sticks to your body and interferes with performance.

What the Under Armour Heat Gear line does is use a combination of design and fabric to stop this. The clothes are made from synthetic fibers that use something known as capillary action to move moisture away from the body, rather than trapping against you the way cotton does.

This is a very good thing for both comfort and performance. From a comfort perspective, it means that you don’t have to have dripping wet cotton on you, allowing you more freedom of movement.

In terms of performance, the wicking action allows your sweat to do what it’s intended to do, which is to move heat away from your body. This allows you to play or exercise harder, and for longer periods of time, while also helping to maintain hydration.

Under Armour Heat Gear, and Under Armour products in general, are also designed with this purpose in mind. Heat Gear is largely composed of compression gear, which hugs your body. This is to allow the fabric to absorb and release the moisture and, once again, it adds significantly to your comfort.

Under Armour Heat Gear is designed specifically for conditions where temperature is an issue and the materials are much lighter for that reason. They are also designed without tags or seams that can chafe or irritate, making them ideal for hot weather exercise.

One thing that you should definitely keep in mind when ordering Under Armour Heat Gear is that, as mentioned above, it’s designed to fit snug to your skin. This means that Under Armour clothing, especially the compression clothes, are sized somewhat small. If you’re ordering online, you may want to keep this in mind.
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